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Become a Hosting distributor

If you are happy with the services and the quality that we offer you in ProfessionalHosting , read this publication carefully because now you can leave for free. We receive congratulations that flatter us by mail, telephone and social networks so, why not win both parties? We present our affiliate program , with very interesting offers and discounts. A new possibility to monetize your website!

Agradecemos tu confianza

What is a affiliate program ?

Affiliation is another discipline of online marketing, an evolution of the figure of the offline intermediary, which allows you to earn money online. With the affiliate program you will become a "commercial" of ProfessionalHosting: For each sale referred from your profile you will receive a direct commission.

But, what products are subject to participate in the program? All our dedicated VPS , dedicated servers, backup and streamings (radio and video). In addition, one of our advantages against third parties is that ProfessionalHosting does not require exclusivity : you do not have to stop participating in other programs to collaborate with us.


Will my clients / readers see it as something negative?

Despite having one of the most competitive programs on the market (as you will see below), our intention is not to sell without more: we believe that reputation is key when buying a service or product on the Internet You should never recommend something that you have not used previously or that does not convince you, since the result may be the loss of credibility before your audience. If you fulfill that premise, and you are transparent, the affiliation is as legitimate as any other monetization system of your website / community.

Agradecemos tu confianza

Membership Plans of ProfessionalHosting

Based on your needs and as you see fit, from ProfessionalHosting we offer you the opportunity to choose one of the following models:

Perpetual commission model

Depending on how many referrals you have, ProfesionalHosting will commission you a percentage of everything they hire while they remain as clients, so you can get recurring income with which to amortize your own hosting.

Single commission model

The second option is a payment per sale based on the monthly highs, where the minimum product to be commissioned is the " Hosting script home "

Volume Discount
From 1 to 50 customers 10%
From 51 to 100 customers 15%
From 101 to 500 customers 20%
Volume Discount
From 1 to 10 customers / month € 30 + VAT for hosting, VPS or dedicated
From 11 to 25 customers / month € 35 + VAT for hosting, VPS or dedicated
More than 25 clients / month € 40 + VAT for hosting, VPS or dedicated

Comparison of affiliate plans from other hosting companies

Affiliation programs are booming among all sectors, and hosting was not going to be left behind. Today, almost all companies offer different advantages so that their customers refer to others. In ProfessionalHosting we have evaluated the different options and have chosen to position ourselves as one of the hosting companies that best treats its affiliates. You do not believe it? Here's the comparison!

Webempresa Service One year cycle
Hosting 1GB 19.75 €
Hosting 2GB 24.75 €
Hosting 5GB 74.75 €
Hosting Reseller 5GB € 150
Hosting Reseller 20GB € 299
Model depending on the service contracted. From 1 € commission for contracting 1 & 1 Domains up to 80 € for contracting 1 & 1 Online Store Unilimited (Average price per commission: € 30)
Hostinger References Earnings
3 Upgrade to premium account
5 Payment 40 €
15 Free .com registration
100 Payment € 75
Raiola Product Percentage + Commission
Hosting SSD Home 25% + € 1.48 / month
SSD Base Hosting 25% + € 1.98 / month
Hosting Medium SSD 25% + € 2.48 / month
Hosting Pro SSD 25% + € 2.98 / month
Advanced Hosting 1 SSD 25% - € 6.48 / month
Advanced Hosting 2 SSD 25% + € 8.98 / month
Advanced Hosting 3 SSD 25% + € 11.48 / month
Advanced Hosting 4 SSD 25% + € 16.48 / month
Hosting Reseller Start 20% + € 9.98 / month
Hosting Reseller Base 20% + € 14.98 / month
Hosting Professional Reseller 20% + € 19.98 / month
Advanced Reseller Hosting 20% + € 24.98 / month
VPS Server 1 SSD 20% - € 1.99 / month
VPS Server 2 SSD 20% - € 3.99 / month
VPS Server 3 SSD 20% - € 5.99 / month
VPS Server 4 SSD 20% - € 11.99 / month
VPS server 1 optimized SSD 20% - € 2.99 / month
Optimized VPS 2 SSD server 20% - € 4.99 / month
Optimized VPS 3 SSD server 20% - € 6.99 / month
Optimized VPS 4 SSD server 20% - € 12.99 / month
SiteGround Sale per month Commission per sale
From 1 to 5 € 40
From 6 to 10 € 60
From 11 to 20 € 75
More than 21 € 90
Cybernetics Product Profit
Medium Multidomain Hosting € 1.32 / month
Basic VPS € 3.21 / month
Serial scalable server € 7.90 / month
Agradecemos tu confianza

How to join the affiliate program of ProfesionalHosting

If you want to register as a hosting distributor, you just have to follow four basic steps:

  • Create a user account in ProfesionalHosting. You can do it in the following link
  • Activate the program. In your client area click on affiliation and distribution. Click on the option to activate affiliate program and you will automatically become a hosting distributor .
  • Recommend us. Decide if you want to include a banner on your website or links to our services so that your users can hire them. When someone enters this link, your purchase will be linked to your affiliate account automatically.
  • Manual linking. Your referrals can also notify us that it comes from your website, or you can write to us directly, letting us link it manually
  • Redeem your commission! We have a commitment to our customers and collaborators, to whom we care and value. Redeem your commissions from € 50.

In short, with the affiliate program your user will win by receiving a solution to your need, and you will earn by receiving a commission for the final sale. If you trust in ProfessionalHosting as a domain registration and web hosting company, what are you waiting for to get the most out of your recommendations?

If you have been left with doubts about our program or want more information, do not hesitate to leave us a comment on this blog or on our social networks ( Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn ). Become a hosting distributor now!