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Professional Hosting Recommendation Program

In Professional Hosting we want to thank all those who recommend our service, those that allow the Professional Hosting family to grow up every day, incorporating new projects and allowing to invest our growth in the most important thing for us: to provide you the best support service to allow you only be focused on your projects.

We offer several ways to reward your recommendations and referred clients. If one of your referrals, friends, family or contacts hires us a service, we can reward you by offering you our services for free, or paying you a commission for each sale. You decide how do you want to be paid.


Do you want to refer our service? Choose your plan

Starter Plan

  • The perfect plan to start, for punctual commissions.
  • Recommend us to your friends and clients, we give you a 10% commission on a recurring basis of the total amount billed in all operations, while your referred customer stays with us.

Distributor Plan

  • Your plan if you want recurring monthly income.
  • If you already generate sales, if you are a marketing or development agency, this is your plan. From 5 customers referenced per month with a minimum of 3 months, we offer a 15% commission on a recurring basis over the total invoiced, while the customer stays with us.

Franchise Plan

  • The plan for those who are dedicated to reselling hosting and domains.
  • If the hosting and domains world is your environment, if it’s connected with your activity, this is your plan. We offer you a 20% commission on a recurring basis over the total invoiced for the entire time your referred customer stays with us, if you provide a minimum of 10 clients referenced per month during the 3 firsts months.

Do you want more? Do you think you can get more than 10 sales per month?

Contact us to make a personalized plan and further adjust the level of commissions.

What we offer

Great Commissions

You can obtain from 10% to 20% of the total amount pledged on a recurring basis, or deduct the amount of the commission from the services you have contracted with us to have them for free.

Easy and fast payments

We pay the total commissioned at the end of the next month in which the sale is charged, since we have to verify that your referred customer does not return the contracted service. Payments will be done by bank transfer at the end of each month.

Marketing Material

We provide all the marketing materials you need to promote our brand and get important commissions. Simply tell us what you want to promote and we will send it to you.

Advantages of recommending Professional Hosting

  • Speed


    We ensure that our websites have the best speed and bandwidth conditions, thanks to our hardware and infrastructure, to the latest generation SSD and NVMe disks with the best available caché system.

  • 24x7 support

    24x7 support

    Personalized support system through telephone, chat, mail, ticket and social networks. We can even connect to your PC through TeamVieewer to help you with configuration and improve communication.

  • Security


    Automatic updates, anti-hacking rules to prevent intrusions on your website, and additional SiteLock protection systems. The highest levels of security to ensure that your website is always protected.

  • Free migration

    Free migration

    We offer a complete service of migration of all the content of your website towards Professional Hosting, up to a maximum of 10 websites. Everything you need to bring your projects to Professional Hosting. We take care of everything.

  • Free Domain

    Free Domain

    All our plans include a .com or .es domain completely free, depending on the plan and the billing period. The discount coupon is applied directly at the end of the purchase process.

  • Try it 15 days

    Try it 15 days

    We are so sure of our offer that if it does not fit you, we will refund 100% of the amount paid. Try it, you will not regret it! Start generating commissions with the Professional Hosting recommendation program!

FAQ about our recommendation program.

How often are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid by bank transfer at the end of the next month in which the sale is charged, since we have to verify that your referred customer does not return the contracted service. For example, commissions generated in January are paid at the end of February.

What plan do I choose to start?

If you are not sure which one suits you best, start with the Starter plan. If you later see that you are able to generate sales in a stable and recurring way, contact us so that we can migrate you to a higher plan, with better commissions.

What do I need to change to a higher plan?

In order to be in a distributor plan, at least you have to report 5 sales per month for a minimum of three months. If you get it, you must contact us before to start the 4th month to move you to the distributor plan.

If you are in the distributor plan and want to access the franchise plan, you will need to report for a minimum of 3 months, at least 10 sales per month. Before to start the fourth month, you must contact us to pass you to the franchise plan increasing the percentage of your commissions.

What happens if I apply discount coupons on sales, or apply my references?

The commission is always paid on the total amount invoiced, therefore, if the reference applies 30% on the purchase, the commission will be calculated using as a base the final price that the customer pays to Professional Hosting.

For example, if the referral hires us a € 100 plan with a 30% discount code, your commission is calculated based on € 70, that is, it will be 10% to 20% of € 70 recurring for as long as the customer stays with us.

What does it mean "on a recurring basis during the entire time the referral is with Professional Hosting"?

That we will pay you commissions of all the invoices that the customer pays us, depending on the plan in which you are. On a recurring basis it does not mean every month, it means that for each invoice that the customer pays, the part that touches you will be paid.