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Distribution of ProfessionalHosting

Do you have a web development company? Or maybe a computer company? Or a printing company? They are businesses that are closely related to Internet services, you may not have time to implement these services for yourself with reseller hosting plans for not having means, or simply for not wanting to exploit these products directly for the complications posed by said services. We make it easy for you, become a distributor of ProfessionalHosting and commission forever for all the clients that you send us in a simple and comfortable way.

We expand your product portfolio in more than 150 products for all types of companies, self-employed or individuals with a need related to the Internet, with very competitive prices at the best quality / price ratio and products that evolve, specialize and constantly improve . Your customer will receive our PVP that appears on our website and commission them based on your annual sales volume a margin or another that is between 11% and 15% , even if you have a high sales volume Each year, you can scale to a wholesaler where you will have a greater commercial margin.

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Promoción web que incluye

What services do we offer?

  • Important commercial margins. On all the products of the web you will receive a significant commercial margin, its main advantage is its indefinite character, that is, whenever the client is active you receive the commission.
  • Online advertising. From the affiliation and distribution area, you have dozens of banners to embed in your web page of different sizes, even with flash animation. When a customer clicks on a banner and places an order it is automatically linked to your distributor account.
  • Print advertising. If you have an establishment open to the public you can ask our commercial team for printed advertising and promotional posters to get your customers' attention.
  • Automatic registration system. The registration system is automated, once the client clicks on your special url either directly or from a banner on your website, a cookie is created, everything that this customer requests is linked to your account automatically.
  • High manual system. In case of telephone registration you can tell your client to say the name of your company and we will associate it with your account.
  • Channel distribution. We will keep you informed of all the news to get the most out of your customers.
  • Revenue reports. You will receive a monthly report of the revenue generated in your reseller account.

Expand your product portfolio to more than 150, without monthly fees or minimum amounts, with significant perpetual commercial margins from the first customer...

Volume by sales Percentage Minimum charge
Up to 1000 € VAT
(Annual billing).
11% 50 €
Up to 2000 € VAT
(Annual billing).
12% 50 €
Up to 3000 € VAT
(Annual billing).
13% 50 €
Up to 4000 € VAT
(Annual billing).
14% 50 €
Up to 5000 € VAT
(Annual billing).
15% 50 €
> 6000 € VAT Wholesaler 50 €


activa el programa

Activate the program

First of all in your customer area click on affiliation and distribution, click on activate affiliate program, the system will automatically activate and you can start sending clients. If you are not a client click here to register. If you are autonomous, the IAE to justify the activity.

vende servicios

Sell services.

Sell our services to your customers and friends, there are banners and links to put on your website you can find them in the customer area, when someone enters from that link anything you buy is linked to your affiliate account.

canjea tu comision

Redeem your commission

Once your client makes the payment and while you are active as a customer you will have a perpetual commission that you can exchange in accumulated commissions higher than 50¤ VAT with a monthly payment, once the bill has been sent to billing.


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