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Franchise of ProfesionalHosting

ProfesionalHosting is the first hosting company to create franchises of this type of services, we have always opted to give a close and personalized treatment, so far by tlf, chat and email. We are going to bet on a figure of marketing our services more local and nearby, with important commercial margins that will make your franchise very viable in the short term. Thanks to the perpetual commission model, cumulative year after year while the client is still active, with an acceptable entrance fee and with the only obligation to maintain an annual sales level, without a monthly fee while maintaining this level. We offer exclusivity in the city where you want to open your franchise, as well as the support of a great team of professionals who will train you in person in your city and help you start your hosting business and other related services.

Who is your potential client? Any business, company, autonomous even individuals thanks to the wide range of services we offer and you can see on our website. Join ProfesionalHosting, a company whose pillars are a highly specialized technical service to achieve a low discontent ratio of close to 0%, as well as a large investment in I D and infrastructure to improve and revolutionize our services year after year.

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What services do we offer?

  • Important commercial margins. On all the products of the web you will receive a significant commercial margin, its main advantage is its indefinite character, that is, whenever the client is active you receive the commission.
  • Corporate image. Complete office decoration with our corporate image, logos, vinyls, colors, etc.
  • Online advertising. From the affiliation and distribution area, you have dozens of banners to embed in your website of different sizes, even with flash animation. When a customer clicks on a banner and places an order it is automatically linked to your distributor account.
  • Print advertising. Print advertising, sent quarterly, promotional posters to get your customers' attention.
  • Special discounts. Special discounts that can not be found on the web.
  • Exclusivity in your city. We will not give more than one franchise per city, once someone acquires it, we will not offer it to another.
  • Constant training. Constant commercial training via webinar, in person and by telephone.
  • Dedicated business advisor. You can always talk to a dedicated business advisor, you will have a direct telephone number and a priority to help the franchisee.
  • Automatic registration system. The registration system is automated, once the client clicks on your special url either directly or from a banner on your website, a cookie is created, everything that this customer requests is linked to your account automatically.
  • High manual system. In case of telephone registration you can tell your client to say the name of your company and we will associate it with your account.
  • Wholesale channel. We will keep you informed of all the news to get the most out of your customers.
  • Revenue reports. You will receive a monthly report of the revenue generated in your reseller account.

Our sector of the few sectors that have even increased their growth even faster than the rest in the worst years of economic crisis in Spain.

Volume by sales Percentage Minimum charge
Up to € 30000 VAT
(Annual billing).
21% € 50
Up to € 40000 VAT
(Annual billing).
22% € 50
Up to 50000 € VAT
(Annual billing).
23% € 50
Up to € 750,000 VAT
(Annual billing).
24% € 50
Up to 900000 € VAT
(Annual invoicing).
25% € 50
> 100000 € VAT See € 50

Entry fee: € 15,000 VAT, Monthly fee: € 0 VAT while a minimum of € 20,0000 annual sales is met.


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