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Create a radio

Thanks to the proliferation of broadband connections worldwide, Internet radios are slowly displacing conventional radios and becoming the radio of the present and future. Not many years from now, you will not only be accessible from a conventional PC, but you can also listen to the radio on your network from your mobile, your alarm clock, your television or in your own car. Although undoubtedly its best quality is that the coverage of an Internet radio is worldwide at very low costs, so that anyone can set up their own radio and create their own community from only 5 & euro; a month. The creators of the conventional radio Nikola Tesla and Guillermo Marconi would be very amazed at the amazing evolution that their invention has had.


What I need?

To make your radio broadcast you only need:

  • A conventional or portable PC.
  • A connection to the Internet, recommended ADSL or higher.
  • A radio server where you can replicate the signal to your listeners (This is the service that hire ProfessionalHosting, in the old radio system would be the equivalent to the repeater antenna signal).
  • And optionally, it is not necessary, a web page (Tambi? n is provided free of charge by ProfessionalHosting).

How does it work?

Through a program compatible with our radio server such as Winamp, San Broadcaster or Zara Radio, send & a live broadcast to our Shoutcast server, this server will be commissioned to send all your listeners online the transmission you are doing, they can receive it from the Windows player, Winamp, Quicktime or from a Flash player or HTML5 (compatible with mobile phones and tablets) completely integrable on your website, for which your visitor does not require & aacute; of any special installed application and will be compatible with any operating system. Professional Hosting provides you with the necessary tools and support for the configuration and integration of your Internet radio, both with telephone attention or with remote connection to your PC if necessary.

Is it easy to use?

The answer is yes, its use is simple and in case of having any difficulty you have an expert support team that will help you. with all the problems that may arise.


How much does it cost?

The cost of this service is adaptable to all public, mainly depends on the number of listeners who want to have as maximum at a certain time and the quality of emission. We can hire a radio server with 25 simultaneous listeners and 64kbps of emission for only 5 & euro; VAT per month, or 100 simultaneous listeners with 64kbps quality from only 18 & euro; VAT / month.

How are you hired?

Calling 91 1401900 ext 1 or directly from our website in the list of radio servers and sweepstakes, click here to enter.

What does the service include radio servers?

Does this website include this service?

The answer is yes, we are the only ones that include a space web page for easy to create and configure radios, similar to these:

Radioweb gratis

In short ProfessionalHosting makes available to any amateur radio or professional media, a comprehensive solution that includes everything the customer needs to make its first broadcast on the network. , having at all times a total control of your radio, as well as As an expert support team that will help you. and be & aacute; by your side with any of the problems that may arise in the new world of Internet radio.