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Dedicated support levels


Dedicated support levels

Professional hosting has a wide range of support levels to suit the needs of any client.

  • Level 1. This level is the most basic of support, you will be the sole administrator and will have total control of the machine as well as its administration and has coverage for the following actions:
    • Hardware restart of the server.
    • Connection kvm ip in case of failure in startup (only 30 min of use included in this level of support, every 15 min of use will cost 5 € + VAT).
    • Support for network incidents.
  • Level 2. At this level of support, you will be administrator of your machine along with our technicians with coverage for:
    • Level 1 included.
    • Optimum configuration of basic server services including apache, qmail, plesk, named.
    • Troubleshooting server services.
    • Monitoring of ports and incidents through the alertserver system.
    • Kvm ip connection in case of boot failure (unlimited use).
    • Intervention in falls after client request and recovery of the server.
  • Level 3. This level has full coverage by our technicians being the only systems administrators of your team.
    • Level 1 and 2 included.
    • Installation of services and applications that the client needs on the server.
    • Monitoring with direct intervention of our technicians in case of critical failures (server hang, saturation of a service, failure of a monitored service).
    • Resolution of incidents in your server, if a service does not work as it should we solve it.
    • Installing services on the server.
    • Priority to incidents that require action of our technicians.
    • Transfer of pages from other networks to your server in professional hosting.
    • Tlf mobile of guard technician with 24x7 schedule.