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Monthly transfer

Monthly transfer

In all our services unlimited monthly transfer.

When a user accesses your website, or any element of your website (image, audio, video, et), there is transfer of data between the server and the visitor, due to the download of one or all of the elements that form Web page. The sum of traffic or total data transfer produced by your website is known as the transfer volume expressed in megabytes or gigabytes, that data is taken with a monthly pericidad therefore initializes to 0 on the 1st of each month, hence the monthly transfer name.

Our hosting adds all the traffic generated by:

  • Visitors to your website (web server)
  • Email.
  • Data movement in ftp.

Note: You can find a history of monthly traffic consumed from the plesk control panel by clicking on the reports section.

It has never been a policy in our company to charge you for the excess transfer monthly to our clients, for this reason the management has decided to update all our services to unlimited monthly transfer, you will no longer have to worry about the excess transfer in your plan or service.


Due to the release of this limit, to ensure the correct operation of the service for all our customers, customers who consume excessive server bandwidth resources and can cause other customers to be affected by this excess , will be limited to avoid this excess depending on the plan contracted to a fixed amount of bandwidth, nevertheless would not be charged for the excess of bandwidth to the client. This limit is possible to expand it previous budget of our commercials.


In the case of virtual and dedicated servers, the bandwidth allocated to these services is 100Mbps with unlimited transfer, in case of switching from 1TB for vps and 2TB for the dedicated monthly transfer, the bandwidth is limited to 5Mbps for vps, and 10Mbps for dedicated, in case of this excess the monthly transfer is still unlimited and no extra will be charged for it.