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Official maps counter strike


Official maps counter strike

  • kz_: Map on which you have to climb the sloping hills.
  • ka_: Map in which the main weapon is the knife (KA is the abbreviation of Knife Arena).
  • surf_: Map composed of a succession of inclined walls that must be "surfed" to reach the end.
  • aim_: Maps large enough to sharpen aiming. Armament can range from a Colt M4A1 or an AK-47 to an Eagle wherever.
  • he_: Maps where the main weapon is the highly explosive grenade or HE.
  • wh_: Map in which the walls are transparent.
  • fy_: The name is due to the initials of "Fight Yard" or "Fun Yard". Small maps in which terrorists and anti-terrorists (CT) are in a very short time. It serves to get points by killing people (in common jargon called "fraguear") to see who is the one who kills the most, are not allowed to buy weapons so there are weapons on the floor, usually primary weapons. The most popular maps of this type are fy_poolday , and fy_iceworld .
  • de_: Broad enough maps in which the terrorists' goal is to plant a bomb before the time limit runs out or to eliminate the entire anti-terrorist team. The anti-terrorist team must, for its part, eliminate the terrorist team before they plant the bomb or deactivate it once it has been planted, regardless of whether or not a terrorist survives. Generally there are always two places where you can plant the pump, A and B. [Official]
  • cs_: This type of map is usually quite large, this time the anti-terrorist (CT) must rescue the hostages, always located in the same place and within the time limit, or eliminate the entire terrorist team. [Official]
  • cpl_: Official maps of the Cyberathlete Professional League, these maps are usually used in the competitions of the CPL, as well as in competitions of less importance as the CAL or the SGL.
  • zm_: Maps in which you fight against zombies in which they use the knife as a weapon (CS: Source only).
  • awp_: Maps with "aim_" mode but can only use the artic or pistol.