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Server Memory


Server Memory

Computer memory, also called simply memory or computer memory in Spain, refers to computer components, devices and recording media that retain computer data for some period of time. Computer memories provide one of the main functions of modern computing, retention of information. It is one of the fundamental components of all modern computers that, coupled to a Central Process Unit (CPU), implements the fundamental of Von Neumann's computer model, used since the 1940s.

At present, memory usually refers to a form of solid state storage known as random access memory (RAM) and sometimes refers to other forms of fast but temporary storage. These contemporary distinctions are helpful because they are fundamental to computer architecture in general. In addition, it reflects a significant and significant technical difference between memory and mass storage devices that has been blurred by the historical use of the terms "primary storage" (sometimes "primary storage"), for random access memories, and " secondary storage "for mass storage devices. This is explained in the following sections, in which the traditional term "storage" is used as a subtitle for convenience.

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