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Slider informacion dominio
.com 9.99*
.es 7.99*
.com.es 2.99*
.online 1*
.store 1*
.eu 0.99*
.digital 3.99*
.blog 9.99*

Domains cat - Cataluña


The content of the site must be at least in Catalan. To carry out transfers of .CAT domains you will need your current provider to provide you with the AuthCode or EPP-Key of the domain, with it you show the ownership of the domain. Transfers take between 5 and 7 days to complete. Some registrars allow you to accept transfers manually, contact your current provider and find out if they offer this type of service, in this way the transfer will be completed on the same day. The domains, once the transfer is completed, extend the expiration date by one year.


This extension does not require technical requirements for its registration.

Time Extension Registry Renewal Transfer
1 Year
(Without discount)
.cat 24.99/Year 29.99/Year 24.99/Year
2 Year
(Without discount)
.cat 49.99/Year 59.99/Year 49.99/Year
3 Year
(Without discount)
.cat 70.99/Year 85.99/Year 70.99/Year
5 Year
(5% discount)
.cat 118.99/Year 142.99/Year 118.99/Year
10 Year
(7% de descuento)
.cat 232.99/Year 278.99/Year 232.99/Year