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Slider informacion dominio
.com 9.99*
.es 7.99*
.com.es 2.99*
.online 1*
.store 1*
.eu 0.99*
.digital 3.99*
.blog 9.99*

Domains pt - Portugal


The .PT domains require that the used DNS servers are previously configured.


In order to transfer .pt domains it is necessary to have the authorization code, this code is provided only by the Registry, to obtain it follow the following steps: - Connect to www.dns.pt with your access data, in case you do not know it use the option for password recovery. - Click on "My Domains" and click on the green number that appears next to the domain (Process). - In "Related entities", go with the mouse over the "Actions" button that will appear and select the option "Transfer Domain Management". - Now a message will appear, confirm by clicking on "Confirm" and the AuthCode will appear. Important: Upon completion of the transfer process, the expiration date will not change. In the .PT domains the transfer operation is free if done 180 days before its expiration date.

Time Extension Registry Renewal Transfer
1 Year
(Without discount)
.pt 35.99/Year 42.99/Year 35.99/Year
2 Year
(Without discount)
.pt 71.99/Year 85.99/Year 71.99/Year
3 Year
(Without discount)
.pt 102.99/Year 122.99/Year 102.99/Year
5 Year
(5% discount)
.pt 170.99/Year 204.99/Year 170.99/Year
10 Year
(7% de descuento)
.pt 334.99/Year 401.99/Year 334.99/Year