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Your wordpress Volara!

We are experts in helping you to make your Wordpress fast as you know is very important for SEO and a good user experience with your web or store, we offer our customers a free professional cache module that will scan the static parts of your wordpress constantly achieving impressive speed improvements and reduced resource consumption. In addition the module itself has an autoindexador visits the entire web to be automatically cached. We also offer help and support to improve the speed of your site and debug that can slow your wordpress for a failure in some module, pluggin or core. In all our servers you can activate the gzip, mod_expires, mod_deflate and make use of memcache and apc.

And we not only offer you the cache module, we also have the latest technology in servers and software to get it detailed below.

woocommerce speed
ssd disks and hardware

SSD , hardware and network disks.

We were pioneers and used RAID5 and 10 SSD drives that reach 75,000 operations per second, compared to 150 HDD. Wordpress is quite prevalent in reading / writing disk operations. They also have far fewer failures than other types of discs. SSD drives do not have mechanical parts, they only incorporate semiconductors and this allows to accelerate the access to the data.

In addition we have the most current hardware we use technology Intel Xeon with Cores up to 3.6Ghz speed, last generation DDR ram that seriously influence the speed of your WorPress. As if it were not enough we are close to your client with data center in Spain and connectivity redounded by bgp direct with the main carriers of Spain.


Wordpress since version 4.4 already works with support for PHP 7, which is 100% faster than the previous version. The response time of the server does not decrease with the increase of visits, can increase up to 600% the processing speed of the PHP code of a page. In addition to doubling the speed and memory usage is reduced by up to 40%.


HTTP / 2 Active

For specialized vps clients we have HTTP / 2 support, today a Web includes a lot of external elements: images, CSS, JavaScript, fonts, etc. The great advance of HTTP / 2 is that the browser can be downloaded in parallel all the elements of your web, so the optimization in speed of charge is spectacular.

Free CDN !!

So that your web is seen at maximum speed regardless of where in the world you visit thanks to the simple integration of cloudflare in our hosting control panel you can manage simple cdn in your wordpress and increase loading times of your website in all the elements you want such as css, img, js and even the web itself. Cloudflare has replication nodes in all parts of the world.

In addition to all this cloudflare offers a layer of security additions and protective measures of DDoS attacks automatons.