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What is server administration?

Server administration is the supervision of web servers to collaborate in their proper functioning. Taking care of all incidents.

The administration of Linux or Windows web servers requires total perseverance due to the vigilance that their maintenance requires. Thus ensuring that the system is stable and does not suffer any type of overload that hinders the operation of the web server.

It is important to remember that good maintenance can ensure correct operation in the medium/long term.

What is taken into account in server administration?

When choosing a web system administration company, whether Linux or Windows, several points must be taken into account, such as:

Server configuration:

Server configuration may vary from one administrator to another, or from one management company to another. This configuration variation will depend on experience with those servers.

For this reason, a company that has been in the sector for a long time is possibly more cultivated in this aspect and can offer a better service.


Backups are a basic aspect when managing any web server, since these are our insurance against possible loss of information. Although many users avoid creating backup copies or Backups on servers.

For this reason, carrying out a Buckups program or strategy is essential for any Linux or Windows system administrator.

Servers update

One of the main points that a server administrator or SysAdmin performs is the constant updating of web servers to ensure the correct functioning of the machines.

Also the updating of servers by the company has to do with security issues. Since these updates serve to solve possible security flaws.

The security flaws of previous versions are usually solved with new updates, but they are not the only security system against possible attacks or cyber attacks, such as Dos or DDos attacks.

Server process monitoring

Monitoring servers is part of the tasks involved in having or managing a server, looking at CPU loads, both in relation to usage and memory and bandwidth.

This monitoring is valid to control possible traffic spikes and that these do not affect a crash in our server. And also that these falls can affect falls in our sales.

How to choose a system administrator

There are several ways to go by when hiring a system administrator, one of them is the reputation in the market after years of service. ProfesionalHosting is one of the oldest companies in terms of System Administration in the Spanish market.

We have our own servers in both Europe and the United States, which we manage ourselves from the beginning. We have a great team of Sysadmin who provide a telephone service which allows direct contact between the company and the client.

Certainly there are more companies in the market so we are not the only system administration company, but we can ensure a close relationship at all times and linear communication. Thus making a fluid relationship and as pleasant as possible.

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