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MOODLE Project

Advanced MOODLE


Main Characteristics

Type hosting Cloud Linux Cloud Linux Cloud VPS Cloud VPS
Hosting included 1 5 10 30
Hard Disk Space 10GB NVMe 15GB NVMe 30GB NVMe 40GB NVMe
Simultaneous Users 10 twenty 30 fifty
Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Ip and Datacenter Spain Spain Spain Spain
Plesk Panel Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian
Moodle self-installer do not
Advanced Security
Daily Backup
Antispam input / output
SSL yes (Let's Encrypt ) yes (Let's Encrypt ) yes (Let's Encrypt ) yes (Let's Encrypt )

Special Features

Free Template
Mod Rewrite
Hard Drive nvme SSD
Auto Installer
Manual Installation

Server Features

PHP PHP5.x, PHP7.x, PHP8.x PHP5.x, PHP7.x, PHP8.x PHP5.x, PHP7.x, PHP8.x PHP5.x, PHP7.x, PHP8.x
PHP Exec User
Subdomains Yes Unlimited Yes Unlimited Yes Unlimited Yes Unlimited
Alias Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Own IP Do not Do not Do not Do not
Custom error pages
Admin apache logs
CPU 1 2 1 2

Features Email

Max mailbox size 1gb * " + enlarge " 1gb * " + enlarge " 1gb * " + enlarge " 1gb * " + enlarge "
Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Redirect Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Auto responder email Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Own smtp and pop3 servers
Own Webmail
spam filter Blacklists
Relay output
Spamexpert (incoming antispam) * Free for a domain Free for a domain Free for a domain Free for a domain

Data Base Features

Databases 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MYSQL databases
External Connection BD

Other services included

Migration towards Profesional Hosting
Auto Installer
dns administration
Web Stats
Daily reports
Directory protection
Ftp access
Cron tasks
Ftp Web
Backup your account
Possibility of extension
Git support

Price list

Monthly Price €10.34 (without discount)
€18.39 (without discount)
€29.89 (without discount)
€60.94 (without discount)
Quarterly Price €29.89 (5%, before 31.38)
€51.74 (5%, before 54.33)
€85.09 (5%, before 89.34)
€172.49 (5%, before 181.11)
Semiannual Price €56.34 (10%, before 61.97)
€98.89 (10%, before 108.78)
€160.99 (10%, before 177.09)
€327.74 (10%, before 360.51)
Annual Price €107.88 (20%, before 129.46)
€179.88 (20%, before 215.86)
€287.88 (20%, before 345.46)
€587.88 (20%, before 705.46)
Biennial Price €188.59 (25%, before 235.74)
€327.74 (25%, before 409.68)
€538.19 (25%, before 672.74)
€1092.49 (25%, before 1365.61)
* The calculation of percentage discount on each of the products is approximate, based on a standard rounding rule

Advantage Moodle Hosting

Optimized for the most used applications.

Free Domain
Free Domain

All our plans include registering one or several .es or .com domain names free of charge depending on the contracted plan and in annual period during the first year. This coupon is automatically applied when the order is placed.

Free migration
Free Migration

We make it easy, we help you in the process of migration, our technical specialists are responsible for the complete transfer of your content and completely free of charge (up to 10 domains), without cuts during migration and with exact copy of your current website.

Try it for 15 days
Try it for 15 days

We are so sure of what we sell, that if we do not fulfill what we promise we will refund the full amount paid for the service. We want to be your hosting forever, try us you will not regret it.

Moodle Security

Moodle Security

We follow Moodle and its most known plugins in case there is any vulnerability to apply anti-hack rules at server level.

Support Moodle

Support Moodle

Support 100% specialized in Moodle, all our technicians are specialists in Moodle that will help you to solve any doubt about the use of Moodle through our forum 24 × 7

Moodle speed

Moodle speed

Your Moodle is always at the highest speed thanks to our hardware, ssd disks, software with special configuration for Moodle and help to debug your Moodle.

Moodle Support Support

We help you * with the use of Moodle !! from our exclusive forum for clients from our hosting for Moodle you will have the best help * of your Moodle for all kinds of consultations with tips and steps to solve your question with the help of one of our specialists.

I use Moodle

We help you in the use of Moodle and all the configurations that can become hateful, you just have to ask us and we will guide you in the process.


Doubts and problems that you have with the modules of Moodle, we advise to you and we help to solve it.


Modifications, doubts and errors regarding Moodle templates, this is the section indicated for our team to solve it.

Problems and Errors

All other problems that may arise in your Moodle we help you from this forum.

* The help on Moodle is included from the Presta Project package without limitation of consultation, as long as we do not have to enter ourselves to solve the problem.

Free Services

With all our plans you can enjoy these advantages for free

Transfer Unlimited

First year 1 Domain .es and .com

SSL Lets Script

Antispam input and output

What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online training platform or better known distance courses on the net. Its main advantages are group interaction, while allowing private conversation among students. This medium is ideal for conducting course evaluations; in this case the teacher prepares a series of questions and poses them during the meeting with his students. All the participants respond and, at the same time, can comment on the comments expressed by the other colleagues. All the participants can contribute simultaneously while the system identifies them automatically and at the end a transcription of the encounter appears. Logically also has the creation of online courses ideal for the realization of distance training or reinforce the blended training.

Moodle has a long list of modules or plugins that can also be installed for free as well as themes to modify the design. It is programmed with PHP language and MySQL databases. The official URL of this platform is and you can download it from there.

If you are looking for an optimized hosting specifically for Moodle with auto-installer included, do not hesitate, ProfesionalHosting is your solution.

For more information you can contact our team at 91 1401900 ext 1.

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