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Domains that speak your language

In the past, characters allowed for domain registration in all extensions were limited to "A" and "Z" characters and numbers, based on the English alphabet, so that domains with accents or special characters could not be registered depending on the language.

This raised a serious problem that has been solved in recent years, a simple coding of the domains of any language to the Punycode system. This coding is compatible today with all current browsers, even with mail managers and servers, which automatically convert when you enter a domain with special characters.

dominio tu idioma

IDN Converter

To register a domain compatible with special characters it is necessary to register it coded (Punycode) as we have said previously.

For example if we want to register the domain "" we must register the domain "" since if we enter in any browser automatically redirect to the correct URL format "xn - espaa-rta. com "and your page loads correctly.

Registering domains compatible with your language in Profesional Hosting is as simple as entering in the domain finder above or below this text any domain with special characters that the system will recognize and code automatically.

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