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Technical Comparison

  • Radio Pro
  • Professional 2
  • Professional 3
  • Professional 4

Radio PRO

Professional 2

Professional 3

Professional 4

Main Characteristics

Simultaneous listeners Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited *
Emission quality Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited *
Monthly transfer 1TB / month 1.5TB / month 2TB / month 3TB / month
Autodj Yes 10GB Yes 20GB Yes 50GB Yes 100GB
Technology Shoutcast / Icecast Shoutcast / Icecast Shoutcast / Icecast Shoutcast / Icecast
Percentage panel for radio servers 1 5 10 twenty
Codecs mp3, acc +, ogg mp3, acc +, ogg mp3, acc +, ogg mp3, acc +, ogg
Player 15 available 15 available 15 available 15 available
Compatible Pc, Mac, Mobile Pc, Mac, Mobile Pc, Mac, Mobile Pc, Mac, Mobile
Free Web Yes demo Yes demo Yes demo Yes demo
Domain webcons 20 € + VAT / Year (Demo) 20 € + VAT / Year (Demo) 20 € + VAT / Year (Demo) 20 € + VAT / Year (Demo)
Radar time 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours

Special Features

Daily Stats
Stats Countries
Stats Players
Stats Session
Stats Songs
Stats History

Server Features

Name Radio
Change Keys
Relay Radio master / exclave master / exclave master / exclave master / exclave
Quick Links 4 players 4 players 4 players 4 players
Miscellaneous Codes

Features Email

Reset Centova
Centova Control Panel

Data Base Features

Playlist Playlist Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Web Manager
Web Upload
FTP upload
Mounting Points 2 2 2 2
Advertising Schedule own own own own

Other services included

Motor wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpress
Own domain € 8.95 / year € 8.95 / year € 8.95 / year € 8.95 / year

Price list

Monthly Price €29.89 (without discount)
€45.99 (without discount)
€60.94 (without discount)
€75.89 (without discount)
Quarterly Price €86.24 (5%, before 90.55)
€129.94 (5%, before 136.44)
€172.49 (5%, before 181.11)
€216.19 (5%, before 227)
Semiannual Price €163.29 (10%, before 179.62)
€244.94 (10%, before 269.43)
€327.74 (10%, before 360.51)
€409.39 (10%, before 450.33)
Annual Price €299.88 (20%, before 359.86)
€443.88 (20%, before 532.66)
€587.88 (20%, before 705.46)
€731.88 (20%, before 878.26)
Biennial Price €545.09 (25%, before 681.36)
€818.79 (25%, before 1023.49)
€1091.33 (25%, before 1364.16)
€1365.04 (25%, before 1706.3)
* The calculation of percentage discount on each of the products is approximate, based on a standard rounding rule

Advantage Professional Radio Servers

Optimized for the most used applications.

High sound quality
High Sound Quality

In ProfesionalHosting with our plans of listeners and unlimited quality you can broadcast up to 360kbps, in these plans the client chooses the quality of emission with which he wants to go out to the Internet, keep in mind that the higher quality, the greater the transfer consumption.

AutoDJ included.
AutoDJ Included.

From the radio streaming project plans to unlimited listeners, we include the autodj system, with which you can program audio on your radio server to be heard when not in live, automatically, your radio will never stop, it will be 24 hours.

Mobile Compatible
Mobile Compatible

In icecast we are 100% compatible with mobiles, in any of the formats, you will play directly from your iphone, android, ipad, blackberry without having to install any extra application from the serial player of the mobile.

Panel percent v2 / v3
Panel Percent v2 / v3

All our radio server clients have the wonderful control panel, in the v2 and v3 versions, in which you can control your radio server and keep track of your audience, as well as program the autodj.

Shoutcast / Icecast.
Shoutcast / Icecast.

You choose the type of technology that your radio server will use, we have the old and new versions of shoutcast v1 and v2, as well as icecast v1 and v2. The client will be able to choose which one he likes best, by default he will be created with shoutcast.

24x7 Support
24x7 Support

The best personalized and close support through LD telephone support, LD chat, 24x7 email, 24x7 ticket, we even connect to your PC by TeamViewer if necessary to optimize problem resolution time and improve communication with the client.

Centova Panel

The most advanced radio panel in the world.

Manage your personal station, or automate your radio hosting business with thousands of customers. Centova Cast fits virtually any stage!

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