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Become an affiliate and start earning money today!

We give a high commission payout from Miss Hosting, but most of our affiliates choose to cooperate with us for a different reason - our customer service and quality!

If you want to recommend a hosting service with unbeatable service that always puts the customer first, then you should recommend Miss Hosting. We give 100% commission (12 months).

The main reason to do it's not money, it's to recommend to your visitors and contacts one of the best hosting companies for Spanish-speakers where quality of service comes first.

Miss Affiliate

This is what you can earn recommended ProfesionalHosting:


100% per affiliate
  • 100% from initial hiring up to 12 months.
  • Plus € 1 per registered domain


100% per affiliate
  • 100% from initial hiring up to 12 months.
  • With a maximum per affiliate of 400€

Dedicated and Cloud

15% per affiliate
  • 15% from initial hiring up to 12 months.
  • CWith a maximum per affiliate of 400€

Get a FREE affiliate account with Professional Hosting today!

For this you only have to fill in this form and you will start to earn money with your recommendations.

What we offer you?

Big commissions

You can get 100% of the total invoiced from the first invoice, for example for a WordPress hosting in contract if discounts are not applied you can earn € 74.99EUR per sale of this plan.

Quick and easy payments

We pay the total commission at the end of the month following when the sale is charged, since we have to verify that the client does not return the contracted service. Payments by paypal at the beginning of the following month.

Marketing Material

We provide you with all the marketing materials you need so that you can promote our brand and earn significant commissions. Within the MissAffiliates panel there are dozens of banners and promotions to use on your website.


Advantages of recommending Professional Hosting

You get many benefits by promoting Professional Hosting!

  • Velocidad


    We make sure that our websites have the best speed and bandwidth conditions, thanks to our hardware and infrastructure, the latest generation SSD and NVMe disks with the best cache system available

  • Soporte 24x7

    Support 24x7

    Personalized support system through phone, chat, mail, ticket and social networks. We can even connect to your PC via TeamVieewer to help you set up and improve communication

  • Escalables

    Scalable services

    All of our services are scalable so you can grow with your business. Whether you are looking for web hosting, domain names, VPS, dedicated server, or a new website, we have it all under one roof

  • Seguridad

    Advanced Security

    We guarantee an uptime of 99.9%, you have 24/7 monitoring and protection with imunify360 technology.

  • Garantia de satisfacción

    Satisfaction guarantee

    The ProfessionalHosting brand is known worldwide, this is due to the fact that most of the efforts are put into quality of service, with our customer service and support being our absolute priority

  • Servidores cerca de ti

    Servers near you

    Servers in Madrid (Spain) and in the United States for Spanish speakers, with the best latencies and connections with the main world and national line operators.

FAQ's about our referral program.

How often are commissions charged?

Commissions are charged through PayPal at the beginning of the month following when the sale was generated. For example, commissions generated in January are charged at the beginning of February.

In MissAffiliate, will I have a panel to manage my conversions and statistics?

If you have an exclusive panel where you can see in detail all the sales you generate, view statistics, download the banners and text links, track sales and commissions earned, view payment history. We also have an application editor, HasOffers Publisher Dashboard, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

What happens if I apply discount coupons to sales, or my referrals apply them?

The commission is always paid on the total invoiced, therefore, if the referenced applies 30% to the purchase, the commission will be calculated based on the final price that the client pays to Professional Hosting.

Will I commission something on a recurring basis in future renovations with Professional Hosting?

No, the commissions only apply to the first payment of the first invoice, and a maximum of 12 months. We actually cede our multi-year earnings to affiliates to offset this recommendation.


Why do we use Missaffilate?

Miss affiliate is one of the most complete affiliate platforms, which allows you to promote our services quickly and easily, with a broad view of the process and a thorough monitoring of each operation.
In our platform you will find the Hosting that best suits your audience so that you can always get your affiliate.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us to help you get started.

Welcome to the Professional Hosting family of affiliates!