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Green Hosting

green hosting

Change is possible

The world's energy growth is going at an unsustainable rate, the earth has been showing symptoms of illness for decades, global warming, abnormal weather events, environmental pollution, deforestation, the rapid extinction of species and a long list of traces that the human being is leaving in this world. There is no going back in everything that has been done wrong to date, but that is not why we have to give everything per period and continue with this selfish energy model of enormous consumption of resources stored for thousands of years on earth.

The mentality of each and every one of us must change, it is not about radically changing our habits, but making small modifications as far as we can to avoid excessive and wasteful use of resources.

Green Hosting

The main resource that a hosting company consumes is electricity, if said resource came from a 100% clean energy source it would not be polluted and no Kg of CO2 would be emitted into the atmosphere, and our residual footprint in the world would be minimal. . Our company policy has clearly opted for green energy, we are proud to be a company where all these levels of thought have been implemented, our office in Almería has self- consumption of electricity through solar panels and having carefully chosen the data where we have a presence whose energy comes from renewable sources. So to apply a clean policy we must work mainly in 3 areas:

green hosting

Minimize the power consumption of servers

Thanks to social awareness and the attempt to save costs, since servers are consuming electricity 24/7, their technological development increasingly takes energy saving into account.

Since 2010 we have only purchased servers with "80 Plus Gold" power supplies or certified efficiency of 80% or higher.

Regarding hard drives, they are the component that makes the most constant electrical consumption, since their use is continuous. ProfesionalHosting uses ecological hard drives from WD and Seagate. And since the implementation of SSD disks, consumption has been reduced up to 5 times compared to a conventional hard disk.

Green Energy data center

Most of our consumption is done by the servers of our CPD in Madrid. What if we get "0" emissions? It's possible?

The easiest and simplest way that exists, hosting our servers in a Datacenter that is powered by 100% renewable energy sources. In this way your accommodation will not emit any pollutant directly or indirectly for its operation. It was one of the main reasons for working with the CPD of Interxion in Madrid and GlobalSwitch in Madrid.

In the office, recycle and reduce electricity consumption

Self-consumption. Since 2016, with the construction of the new main office, solar panels have been installed on the roof of the office to be self-sufficient in energy during the sunny hours of the day, and the initiative was taken to install 1.2 solar panels per employee. The rest of the energy for night hours is contracted with the distributor demanding that it come from renewable sources.

Paper saving. ProfesionalHosting does not issue invoices in paper format, all our invoices are in digital format or e-invoice that have full legal validity. Everything that is printed in the office is made with recycled paper.

80 Plus Fonts. All of our work center equipment uses efficient 80 Plus certified power supplies, with the benefits stated above.

LED screens . They manage to reduce electricity consumption by up to 35%, our employees' screens use LED technology and Ecolabel certification from the Samsung family.

Air conditioning . Thanks to the warm climate of Almería and the thermal insulation of our offices, it is only connected 2 months a year. When it is turned on in summer it is programmed at 25ºC and in winter we do not use the air conditioning heat pump whose consumption is very high, we use individual 400W stoves that each of the employees turns on if they are cold.

Unshipped CO2 Emissions

Actual estimate since January 2016 of CO2 emissions that our data centers and offices have not emitted into the atmosphere
by using renewable energy:

Oficina Almeria

Almeria Office

915 Kg CO2
Oficina Madrid

Madrid Office

1228 Kg CO2
datacenter interxion

Datacenter Interxion

915 Kg CO2
datacenter global switch

Datacenter Global Switch

13972 Kg CO2

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