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Profesional Hosting has a high capacity backbone that is made up of links to the main national and international operators, with direct peering from the neutral node of espanyol, allowing in this way to offer connectivity and a virtually unlimited bandwidth, as well as a high speed access and lower latencies from anywhere in Spain and the world.

Our network uses ATM technology in combination with CISCO equipment. It is designed using fiber based SDH technology and is complemented with dedicated transatlantic connections in the United States assuring our customers total redundancy as well as the fact that there is no single point of failure in our network, and thus ensuring the route shorter thanks to our routers have the protocol BGP4 (ipv4) and BGP4 + (ivp6).

Profesional Hosting is a member of Ripe, and has two autonomous systems to announce its ranges with the protocols of bgp4 and bgp6, in addition works with many LEVEL3 connection carriers, Cogent, Adamo, Interroute, Tata communications, NTT, that offer us excellent latencies and direct traffic with the main national and international operators (Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, Jazztel) including Latin America, and make the latencies to your web are practically minimal and in some cases with fiber clients almost at the local network level.

When a customer relies on Profesional Hosting to contract one of our services, thanks to our network redundancy in each of our data center and connectivity, you can be sure that your site will always be accessible through the Internet with the speed and quality that you really need.


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