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High Performance Servers

The servers and PCs are computers, have similar processors and run a similar software, except the special server software such as apache. What differentiates servers from PCs is their performance, availability and frequency of hardware failures.

A server must be turned on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it must withstand high process execution at certain moments and it must maintain a stable temperature inside the rack so that its components work optimally at all times and its performance is not affected .

The highest quality

In Profesional Hosting we do not risk the quality of our equipment, since one of the factors that can cause an incidence and therefore the temporary interruption of the service, is a hardware failure, for this reason from our beginnings we rely on the technology Supermicro and HP as the leading supplier of high availability equipment, and today we have demonstrated their high quality and consistent performance.

All the equipment is tested from our offices before being installed in the data centers, through a series of tests of performance, consumption, and internal test of components guaranteeing that every server installed and in line, is in the perfect conditions avoiding problems a posteriori.

The technical characteristics of each server depends to a large extent on the use or service for which it will be used, Profesional Hosting optimally configurates both hardware and software each server so that performance is the maximum at all times and the conditions of service are optimal and stable.

A high quality server may be on for 6 or 7 years and during this time should not occur any hardware problem, not osbant the company policy is to upgrade without cost to customers servers every 3 or 4 years maximum, to avoid future incidences and improve accommodation performance. Our technicians take care of the whole process when it comes to updating the server.


Operating Systems

We worked almost exclusively from our beginnings with the Linux operating system (GNU / Linux) for ideology and for the stability offered by this platform, as well as the immensity of applications that exist for this operating system related to Internet services.

The use of this operating system finally results in a considerable cost savings that logically finally affects the improvement of the final product with respect to the quality-price.

In Profesional Hosting we rely on the latest distributions of Linux for our systems, as well as special distributions made by us to measure, such as those that carry our VPS cpon Panel Plesk or cPanel.

Although 98% of our machines load from Linux operating systems, we do not limit our customers, so we also work with Windows Server 2008 and 2012 as we know it is necessary for some application development, requiring the use of dynamic ASP language .NET or Access databases and mssql. At the same cost as Linux, with no additional license cost.

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