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Transfer your domain

Unify all the services of your company with Professional Hosting , we offer you the opportunity to transfer or transfer your domains from your old operator to our company, being able to enjoy a multitude of advantages and extra services included in the price, without additional cost.

If you have domains registered with multiple providers, you run the risk of not having complete control over them and their renewals. Do not complicate your life to unify them with Professional Hosting , it will make your life easier.

transfer your domain

Free with your Domain

free with your domain
administration panel

Administration Panel

From your client panel you can manage all the properties of your domain.

Dynamic dns

Dynamic DNS

Possibility of advanced form DNS records (MX, A, CNAME, NS ...)

own dns servers

Own DNS servers

You can create your own DNS or nameservers under your domain.

Whois Update

Whois Update

You can change the contact details of your domain immediately.

dns change

Change DNS

Change the DNS of your domain easily and in real time.



Transfer lock control, protect your domain from possible thefts and frauds.

Transfer Process

The transfer of a domain can take from 1 hour to 5 days maximum, during the process your web is not affected and at no time there is cut in your service, it is a purely administrative change.

You should ask your current provider for the following, in the control panel of some providers it is possible to obtain this data directly, in others you must request it in writing:

  • Authcode, also called passcode or EPP.
  • Unlock domain for handover.
  • That the email of registrant and administrative contact is your mail.
  • Disable Whois protection.

For domains .es, .com.es, .org.es, .nom.es it is only necessary to have access to the email of administrative contact and the transfer is instantaneous.

domain transfer