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Professional Spam filter

Have you stopped to think about how much time you waste per day deleting junk mail on your computer or on your mobile and how much time your employees waste, do numbers of the damage that spam does to your company after a year, we propose a real solution and definitive to globally eliminate all the spam that your company receives at negligible costs.

Pack for VPS

Advantages Anti-spam filter

Optimized for the most used applications.

Cambio sin sustos

Change without fear

We apply the spam filter on your domain in a layer above your mail service, so the client does not have to do anything to apply it, the change is completely transparent.

Filtros de entrada.

Input filters.

With our anti-spam system it is possible to filter both the emails that enter your company, as well as those that leave it, if you have a virus on any computer on your network, it will block the sending and prevent your domain from being penalized.

Filtros y listas

Filters and lists

You can set filters by extensions, by domains, by emails, by countries, by words, etc. All at the global level of your domain without having to configure it by account.

Mejore su productividad

Improve your productivity

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you and your employees spend per year deleting spam? A simple calculation, 5-10 minutes a day, a year is 22h to 40h per employee. Don't waste your time and your employees, spam filtering is very profitable and cheap.

Nunca perderá correos.

You will never lose mail.

Redundant platform with a cloud infrastructure replicated in several data centers to prevent any email from being lost, no matter what happens you will never lose an email, even if your main server goes down you will not lose any email.

Panel de Control

Control Panel

Special control panel where you can check the emails in the queue, create a user, permissions and see spam filtering statistics.


Protect your business.

Today 75% of security problems come through email. Our anti-spam filter secures your company and your emails from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks, filtering all email that could compromise the security of your network. Our anti-spam solution achieves reliability close to 100%. Using our outbound filter allows you to even improve your domain reputation and prevent it from getting into "spam" in gmail, yahoo and hotmail as we also filter outbound to prevent spam and viruses from being sent from your network.

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