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WordPress updated in 10 seconds

Nowadays WordPress is one of the most used CMS systems in the network, its demand has grown considerably in recent years due to its versatility and ease, this demand has caused the hackers to intensify their efforts in finding security flaws in this platform and is a potential source of attacks for the simple fact of having it outdated, and not only WordPress, but also the template or plugins.

Thanks to the innovation of our Plesk Panel control panel, in all our hosting and specialized WordPress VPS you will find the new WordPress Toolkit utility, with this tool you can easily update your site when a new version comes out, even if it is done automatically . On the other hand the WordPress Toolkit also looks for new versions of installed templates and plugins.

Finally and most importantly includes an assistant to secure your wordpress in 10 seconds, it allows you to reinforce and improve all the security and weaknesses of your WordPress.

Wordpress actualizado en 10sg

The best cure is prevention, if you update your WordPress and protect it the risk of suffering an attack or being infected is minimal.

Securiza tu Wordpress con toolkit

Securize your WordPress with Toolkit!

  • Admin user If it exists it changes it by a random name to avoid attempts of brute force.
  • Prefix of databases. It makes it difficult for hackers to change the prefix of databases to avoid generic query attempts to it.
  • Configuration file. Change the read and write permissions on the wp-config.php file to prevent it from being written and accessed by third parties.
  • Scanning of files. Disable in php the possibility of making lists of files and directories, this avoids once found a bug that multiplies the problem.
  • Security keys. If you do not have security reinforcement your wordpress, create the security key.
  • Version Information. Hide the version of your WordPress to make it difficult for the attackers.
  • Security of the wp-content folder. It prohibits the execution of php code inside the wp-content, with this it prevents that they can paste something and execute it to be done with the site.
  • Security folder wp-includes. It prohibits the execution of php code inside the wp-incudes, if there is some kind of code failure known the WordPress engine this does not make use of that failure and run it directly.
Imagen de toolkit en panel