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Importing products

Importing products

Do you want to change e-commerce platform? Do you retain the idea of ​​starting over ?, we have the solution, we import for you products, categoricals, customers and even orders from the 52 most important electronic commerce systems in both directions, without losing information, we do it for you in a simple way .

Importing products

Precio Pack 1000 Pack 1000

  • Products 1000
  • customers Yes 500
  • My Account Yes 500
  • Import Platforms
  • We do it

Precio Pack 10000 Pack 10000

  • Products 4000
  • customers Yes 10000
  • My Account Yes 20000
  • Import Platforms
  • We do it

Precio Pack 15000 Pack 15000

  • Products 5000
  • customers Yes 15000
  • My Account Yes 30000
  • Import Platforms
  • We do it

Precio Pack 30000 Pack 30000

  • Products > 5000
  • customers Yes 30000
  • My Account Yes 60000
  • Import Platforms
  • We do it

Technical Comparison

Pack 1000 Pack 10000 Pack 15000 Pack 30000
Contract Contract Contract Contract
Main Characteristics
Products 1000 4000 5000 > 5000
customers Yes 500 Yes 10000 Yes 15000 Yes 30000
My Account Yes 500 Yes 20000 Yes 30000 Yes 60000
Import Platforms
We do it
Price list
Pago Unico 299.99
* The calculation of percentage discount on each of the products is approximate, based on a standard rounding rule
Servicio importacion

What is this service about?

When making the decision to use an e-commerce platform, you are not always satisfied with the result and over time you plan to switch to another one with greater functionality, greater updating or greater compatibility. The main difficulty of switching from system to reconfiguring the store is that products, orders and customers are lost, it is like starting from 0. This service solves the problem, since we migrate for you without having to do anything the products, customers and orders from virtually any e-commerce platform to another, in both directions.

Supported eCommerce Platforms

3DCart AceShop AspDotNetStorefront BigCommerce ChannelAdvisor CoreCommerce CS-Cart CubeCart DigiSHOP DrupalCommerce HHG Multistore Interspire JooCart LemonStand LiteCommerce Loaded Commerce Magento Magento Go MijoShop Miva Merchant MobiCart OpenCart, osCommerce, OXID eShop, Pinnacle Cart, PrestaShop, Shop-Script, Shopify, ShopSite, ShopSite, ShopTab, Squirrelcart, Summer Cart, SunShop, TomatoCart, Ubercart, Veyton, VirtueMart, Volusion, WooCommerce, WP e- Cart, xt: Commerce, Yahoo Store, Zen Cart.

Plataformas e-commerce Soportadas