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Remote Backup Module

Again our R & D department due to the multitude of problems posed by the Plesk native module of backups, its instability, lack of options and possibilities, we decided to create a module of own backup to correct these deficiencies and is compatible with versions 11 and 12 of Panel Plesk.

One of its main advantages is that it does not create temporary files on the server at the time of making the copies copies, so it consumes less resources of I / o of writing and produces a effect of load inferior to the native one of Plesk.

Check out the Remote Backup plans where we include free of charge PhBackup
List of Remote Backup Plans

Módulo Backup Remoto
Módulo Backup Remoto

Incremental or full backup

Our remote backup service allows you to make two types of backups, complete and incremental backups, as well as decide the number of increments to save, the time of execution and frequency of backups. This type of backup allows to make a high number of copies to the minimum consumption of data since only the changed files are copied.

Secure Remote Backup

Our remote backup service plans allow you to make copies in a physically different Datacenter from your hosting safely, since the communications are made by the encrypted ssh + rsync protocol. To guarantee the integrity of the databases the copies are made in dump format.

Módulo Backup Remoto
Módulo Backup Remoto

Copy settings

Our backup module allows you to make several types of copies and frequencies, ie you can program weekly, daily or monthly frequencies and incremental and complete backups in different processes, for example a copy of 4 complete monthly copies + 8 weekly incremental copies plus 7 copies daily with incremental, all at the level of domain subscription.

No temporary files

Our innovative backup module makes all copies of files and databases of your server without consuming any space on the original server. This is one of the main weaknesses of the Plesk backup that could even "throw" the source server by leaving it out of space due to storms.

Módulo Backup Remoto