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PH Server Monitor

The R & D department of Profesional Hosting has developed an innovative system for monitoring and scanning the most advanced hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and network and internal elements of the market, the result of months of development and experience in the sector.

This system increases the quality of service and a greater degree of reliability to any incidence that may arise, where the response time and resolution of the same marks the difference between some companies and others.

Monitor PH
Monitor PH

Real-time monitoring of all Servers and VPS

Professional Hosting maintains a policy of prevention of incidents, even though it is impossible to predict when a problem or unforeseen event may occur, that is why our system monitors your accommodation 24 hours a day 365 days a year. All our efforts have focused on minimizing customer discomfort and trying to detect the incident before the customer perceives it, and we have achieved a reliable and accurate system that is even able to repair problems autonomously.

Precise Fall Detection

Another factor that differentiates our system is that it has an algorithm of automatic repair of servers and VPS, in case of fall the VPS or server automatically intervenes and is able to repair falls without human intervention. Even if you need to expand resources on the critical server as is the disk space in case you run out of it. If it is not repaired, it automatically notifies the technicians from the different means mentioned above.

Monitor PH
Monitor PH

On the other hand it is not a normal port test, the most important services are subjected to more precise tests, for example, the web service undergoes a firstpage test that measures the response time in serving the page, in case to overcome a threshold jumps the flap may be that the server this feel attacked or overloaded and is intervened.

It also monitors the mysql service with a standard connection test to prevent partial drops of the service, also monitors the general state of the network and backbone with a series of tests from different countries and traces external to our network, mail servers and health status of backup systems.

Our technicians and clients always informed

The MonitorPH system is physically equipped with information screens distributed by the offices of Professional Hosting , which alerts with different tones depending on the type of fall, as well as traditional notices, via SMS, mobile, email or ticket.

It is also synchronized with our website and reports in real time of possible service drops affecting several customers, from the support section and customer area.

Monitor PH