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SEM. Advertising in Search Engines

When you do not have the time you need the natural SEO positioning to get results, there is the possibility of paying to appear in the sponsored areas of the search engines. Through this type of advertising you will get immediate results, your ad and potential customers will start to arrive at the time of activating the campaign. Usually these ads appear in the top and right of the search box marked in a color that stands out as a sponsored advertisement. The tools that carry these systems for your management are complex and an error simply makes you lose money or your campaign fails, so we offer our SEM campaign management service in search engines, we work in AdWords (Google) and Yahoo Network (Bing and Yahoo), where we take care of everything, both the configuration and the maintenance of the campaigns and will only charge a small commission of 20% of the investment for its management, rely on professionals and our experience on the Internet so that your campaign on the net is a success.

SEM. Publicidad en Buscadores.
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What services do we offer?

  • Competence study. We study the keywords that the client requests and we see the feasibility according to the budget. In turn we recommend new ones.
  • Campaign settings. On the AdWords and Yahoo Network platforms, we create the campaign and set the criteria on which your ads appear, in a targeted and targeted manner.
  • Configuration red display. On the AdWords platform. We create banners and configure campaigns in network of display of the different platforms. We set up a selective campaign, it will be announced only in websites related to its sector.
  • Google shopping. In the AdWords Platform. We create and manage your campaign in Google Shopping and Merchant Center, we give all the support for the integration of the system with your web.
  • Campaign maintenance. In AdWords platform campaigns and Yahoo Network. Monthly we analyze the results we optimize the keywords in search of greater performance.
  • Conversion Tracking. On the platforms of Adwords and Yahoo Network. For virtual stores, we install conversion codes, track conversions, and vary the campaign settings based on the conversion ratio.


Presupuesto y Aceptación
Budget and Acceptance

First of all our specialists will consult the address of your website and the keywords where you want to position yourself. You will be sent a customized proposal, which will indicate the time to be used in each process and once accepted the work will begin.

Reparación y optimización
Campaign setup.

Depending on the contracted services and the segmentation of your ads (schedules, places, countries) our SEM specialists will configure their campaigns and set the date on which they will begin to run.

Mejorar contenido y reputación
Improve content and reputation

On a monthly basis a specialist will hold a conversation with you to contrast results, in turn perform an optimization of the words that will send you by email with a detail of the changes made.


From only 149 € + VAT / month