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SEO. Web Site Design

The natural positioning or positioning in search engines, also known as SEO, refers to trying to improve the relative position of your website or virtual store when looking for specific words related to your activity or products. In order to increase this positioning, work is carried out mainly to optimize and improve the reputation of your site, complying strictly with the ethics seo dictated by the different search engines. In the long run the natural positioning is more economical than the positioning, if you need immediate results try our SEM positioning service. Our web positioning service is mainly focused on helping you to improve these positions, repairing the faults that we find on your website and helping you create quality content. The work of web positioning takes effect between 6 and 12 months.

SEO. Posicionamiento Web
Promoción web que incluye

What do we include in our package?

  • Initial report. We audit the status of your website, as well as the current positions and make a modification guide.
  • Repair of faults. We repair all the faults of your website that can harm you in the positioning and indexing of the web. We follow the google guidelines.
  • Optimization. We optimize your website for a correct indexing and correct use of the elements that most appreciate search engines, keywords, h1, h2, h3 ....
  • Webmaster Tools and sitemap. We disclose your website in the main debugging tools and generate a sitemap.
  • Help content generation. We create or help you create content, we advise you how to increase the quality of your website.
  • It helps increase reputation. We take the necessary actions to raise the Page Rank of your page, in a legal and without scares.


Presupuesto y Aceptación
Budget and Acceptance

First of all our specialists will consult the address of your website and the keywords where you want to position yourself. You will be sent a customized budget, which will indicate the time to be used in each process and once accepted the work will begin.

Reparación y optimización
Repair and optimization

Our specialists in seo will perform all the work of correcting mistakes in the internal configuration of your website according to SEO ethics, as well as optimize the content, generate sitemap and validate your web in webmaster tools. Analyze results month to month and will improve.

Mejorar contenido y reputación
Improve content and reputation

We help the client to improve the content of your site, either on our part or supporting the customer with our experience. Finally we work on the reputation of your website to improve your positioning.


From only € 300 + VAT / month