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Relay Mass Mailing

Relay SMTP for mass mailing

For those circumstances in which the normal relay system can not be used, because what you want to do is a mass mailing of publicity (to emails that have previously authorized these shipments), we have created the solution of a relay system clustered for mass mailing, works similarly to the relay product, but special servers are used to prevent non-normal mail from being affected. This product can also be used to send automated order emails, web forms, etc. guaranteeing that they enter into desired mail, or for servers with very high volume of sending emails that does not support conventional relay.

Cluster relay
Cluster relay

How Does it Work?

Basically a cluster of mail servers is used so that your email goes out by a different IP for each email, this way you can get a better delivery ratio in the recipients, even in Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. The system also analyzes the reputation of the email sent and if it is considered SPAM or illegal, it filters it.

How is it installed?

It is easy to integrate or use, you are provided with SMTP data and a configuration is done in your domain. This data can be configured in the platform you use to send mail, CMS (Wordpress, Joomla ...) or virtual store (Prestashop, Magento ...).

Cluster relay
Cluster relay

Price and requirements

This system is exclusive for Profesional Hosting customers and for the only thing that can not be used is to send unsolicited mail. The cost of the product is € 1.75 per thousand emails per month, with a minimum of 5,000 emails per month.


5000 emails / month for only

€ 8.75 month + VAT

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