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Cluster Relay

Professional Hosting has created a new product to solve the problem that many customers have so that their normal mails do not enter either the "normal mail folder" or the "junk mail folder" of the main free email services, such as are Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo since the main IP of your VPS or dedicated has been blocked by one of these services. Such services are becoming more restrictive and have a "0" tolerance for any type of mailing or bulk mailing and newsletter.

Cluster relay
Cluster relay

How does it work?

Basically the system is to prevent any spam from your server or excessive bulk mail, either intentional or infected, the Relay system analyzes each email one by one that leaves your server and performs a series of tests to validate if this sent spam, if it does not send it to its recipient with a speed that does not conflict with the rules of the recipient.


How is it installed?

Professional Hosting makes it easy and install completely on your server, only requires forwarding outgoing mail to our Cluster Relay and a small modification of the spf registration of their domains. All this is done by our support team. Once it is contracted the system is 100% functional after the first 24 hours since its discharge.

Cluster relay
Cluster relay

Rate and Requirements

This system is exclusive for Professional Hosting customers and can not be used to perform any type of mass mailing or advertising. It has a special price of 42 euros + VAT / year per full virtual server, regardless of the number of domains or mail accounts.

Relay of Limits (Normal mail) Hour Day
By sender 300 800
By server 2000 20000

Only 42 € + VAT / year