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Safety Critical Point

The proliferation of the use of open source on the Internet has brought important benefits and improvements for society, but it has also led to an increase in infections and hacks on websites around the world. Hackers have an advantage since they know the code in advance and have access to it, thanks to this, with various techniques, they manage to infect sites made with the most famous cms and ecommerce. No one is protected from attack by hackers, the best way to avoid infections is prevention and updating

At ProfesionalHosting we take the issue of security quite seriously, we do external security audits frequently and we are constantly updating ourselves to avoid this type of intrusion. In addition, we are constantly updating ourselves in this aspect, with training and allocating human resources to it.


Most infections occur because the client has not updated their cms, plugin or ecommerce, even if your website or store is not updated, we have a security layer with our own rules made by ourselves that are updated frequently and treat to prevent an infection on your website even if it is vulnerable because it is not up to date. In addition, we are registered in the main security lists to practically act on day 0 that the new vulnerability is known in some cms, ecoomerce or system.

We also protect your computer, because if it gets infected they can also infect your website and send spam from it, for this we have layers of incoming and outgoing antispam that prevent viruses or spam from entering your email.

Automatic Updates

Our control panel allows in wordpress, joomla, prestashop, magento, drupal, to carry out automatic updates of the core and in the case of wordpress it also updates the plugins and templates, in this way you will be less vulnerable to any type of failure in your own website .

Additional Protection Sitelock.

If a website is infected, google chrome and firefox will automatically prevent access to it, in addition google will launch a message in the browser notifying the user that it is infected, this means that your visitors cannot enter your website. To avoid this situation, we have a payment service that monitors the status of your website and constantly analyzes its security. In the event of a security problem, it will notify you and automatically carry out actions to eliminate the risk. It will also certify with a seal that your website is safe to give confidence to your visitors.

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