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Revendores Service

ProfessionalHosting listens to the reseller of hosting services, we are the perfect partner for your Internet business, we provide you with an integral turnkey solution of everything you need to resell the hosting services and their related ones, from the domain registration, very profitable plans for hosting for resellers, as well as as all kinds of additional services to reach the most demanding clients, such as certificates, professional antispam, streaming services, seo and a multitude of additional services to cover all needs.

Servicio Revendores
Dominios revendedores


We have the largest variety of domains in the market more than 1000 domains of standard extensions and 1300 new extensions of the new TLD, any extension that your clients ask for we have it and we can manage it at the best price. Also for resellers by volume we have the best discounts for new domain registrations.

Volume Discount
0-50 domains 5% over PVP
50-500 domains 8% over PVP
500-5000 domains 10% over PVP


It is the multifunctional administrative system of Reseller Hosting. It is a WHM component that offers functions for billing and technical assistance so you can have all the necessary tools to operate your hosting company.

ProfessionalHosting has abundant documentation and experience with whmcs, we have video manuals and help that will help you to configure it successfully, as well as as a specialized support in whcms if the client needs it. We are realizing a module for the registration of domains with white mark in an automatic and live way.

Asesoramiento revendedores

You are not alone, our team of professionals by your side.

ProfessionalHosting will be & aacute; By your side when you need us, we not only offer you the service, we also offer you our help to solve any problem that may arise in your clients.

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White label

Comprehensive white label customizable by the client.

Exclusive discounts

Exclusive discounts for resellers.


Volume discounts

One of the most important aspects for your business to grow is to have a technological partner that offers stability and guarantee of service, as well as solutions to any contingency that may occur or a new project that may arise. We can offer you all this and we know that your projects will grow for this reason if you confide in ProfessionalHosting as your technological partner for hosting and related services we will compensate you for this trust with discounts in the hiring of new servers. .

VPS volume discounts.
2-5 10% over PVP
6-50 15% on PVP
> 50 17% on PVP
Dedicated volume discounts
2-5 10% over PVP
6-50 15% on PVP
> 50 17% on PVP
Discounts for streaming volume
2-5 10% over PVP
6-10 15% on PVP
> 10 20% on PVP
Volume discounts for other services
2-10 10% over PVP
11-50 15% on PVP
> 50 20% on PVP


Advantages Service Resellers

The highest profitability for the business to do so.

  • white label
    White Mark

    We offer you a real white label, panel logo, own access URL to the panel under your domain, own dns registration, forgetting your clients leave you and leave with a hosting provider.

  • free migration
    Free migration

    We make it easy for you, if you have websites in other providers we make the free migration to ProfesionalHosting in a synchronized way with you without having to worry about anything.

  • garantia
    Important discounts

    One aspect to be competitive price quality, have good prices and a good margin to make your service viable and profitable, as you grow with us you will increase your margin of profit by increasing the discount.

  • reseller
    We think of resellers

    We put everything at the reseller's disposal, we make your work easy and we are there whenever you need us to solve any problem no matter how difficult.

  • import
    Specialized hosting

    Have our specialization in the cms and ecommerce principals, become an expert in these systems thanks to our help and manuals.

  • support
    24x7 support

    The best personalized support and close by telephone attention we are on 24x7 schedule for any urgent incident, and a broad coverage of L-D for any type of query.


What are you waiting?

It generates extra income by offering your customers the best service with zero hassles.

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