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Experts in Speed ​​for Joomla

We are experts in that your Joomla is fast, speed is very important for SEO and a good user experience with your web or store, we have optimization guides for joomla, to help you detect any failure of performance or reliability, we help you with the caches and in the search via debug of any element that is producing a relentilización of your joomla. Of course we have active gzip, mod_deflate and mod_expires, as well as memcache and apc for the most exisgentes.

And not only do we offer help at the level of joomla itself and failures that may exist that affect the speed, we also have the latest technology in servers and software to get it detailed below.

speed joomla
ssd disks and hardware

SSD and hardware disks

We are the first hosting companies to offer generically the use of ssd discs in raid to host the great cms joomla, a determining factor when deploying your web with joomla is a high speed of reading and writing, thanks to our ssd hard drives get speeds up to 10 times higher than in a conventional hosting, thanks to this technology your joomla will be a rocket.

Even more speed will come with our latest generation hardware with Intel Xeon c processors of 3.6Ghz speed, high speed DDR4 ram. And no less important connectivity, our servers are close to you, are in Madrid and Miami in the very heart of the Internet in Spain and Latin America, thanks to this the latencies between your client and your website will be minimal and your website will load very fast, supported with a free CDN for customers from outside.


Joomla from version 3.5 works with PHP 7, which is 100% faster than the previous version. Thanks to php7 your web will consume less resources, consequently loading faster reducing the firstpage of the web and improving the user experience with it. In addition to saving resources you will need less power for the same thing and therefore you will pay less for it.


HTTP / 2 Active

Every page made in wordpress for very few elements you have always going to perform between 40 and 60 requests to images, css, html, javascript, per visit, thanks to this new protocol all those requests are simplified into a single and data transmission is done more quickly and efficiently.

CDN Cache

If you have clients around the world and want to improve the speed of your customers in other countries you have at your disposal our free solution of CDN based on the cloudflare platform, thanks to this system your visitors will load your web quickly regardless of the country from where connect thanks to a content replica system with more than 110 points of presence around the world.

In addition to all this cloudflare offers a layer of security additions and protective measures of DDoS attacks automatons.