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SSD Drives and Hardware

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Magentos that fly !!

Magento is an impressive solution, unfortunately such a complete ecommerce platform comes at a disadvantage with speed, more personalization, more modules, more visits, slower. That's why ProfesionalHosting helps you with support, guides and manuals to analyze that is slowing your magento and offers different caching solutions to improve the performance of your virtual store site. We are compatible with all recommendations to improve magento speed, we support php7, varnish, memcached, apc, gzip, mod_deflate, mod_expire, and a very powerful hardware to help you squeeze your Magento.

All supported by the best connectivity and hardware market specifically designed for Magento.

SSD, hardware, and network disks

As pioneers in the use of ssd on servers, we set up our servers with professional ssd disk raid, high speed, performance and durability, thanks to that we get that your magento works in unbeatable conditions because the intensive use of read / write files that you do with each visit are carried out at impressive speeds favoring the rapid loading of your virtual store with Magento

We also have the best hardware on the market, designed specifically for your magic to fly, we work with high speed and multicore intel processors, the first brands of server manufacturers like supermicro and hp, ram of last generation, all supported by the best connectivity national and international with direct peering with the main operators of ADSL and fiber of Spain and Latin America such as Telefonica, orange, vodafone, jazztel, etc.

ssd disks and hardware


Magento v2 is already compatible with PHP 7, the main advancement of this version has been based on optimizing the code to consume more resources, be more efficient and ultimately be faster. We are 100% compatible with php7 and your magento v2 will fly with us.

HTTP / 2 Active

For our specialized Magento vps clients, they have at no additional cost to activate the new HTTP / 2 protocol in their virtual stores, this protocol allows to improve the way in which the images, styles, javascript and html are transferred to the visitor of your virtual store, improving the sensation of speed and in consequence the speed of the site.


PHSpeed ​​Magento Cache

For the most demanding customers we have a cache payment module that optimizes the performance of your virtual store and reduces the time of firstpage and consumption of server resources to limits that exceed the reasonable. Thanks to our magento phspeed module we will cache everything that is not dynamic on your website (Cart, shopping area, product customization) and optimize

Also with this product we do an audit of pagespeed inside google and we help you to pass the points that do not depend on the speed (optimization of images, union of css and jss, etc ...)

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