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Get the utravelocity! PHSpeed ​​

Surely it will be? asking what is & quot; PHSpeed ​​& quot ;, is an innovative product that achieves optimization at all levels of your website (Server and code), if you have a virtual store or portal your visitor will have. an excellent browsing experience when you visit it, as well as a speed optimization and strict adaptation to comply with the SEO requirements of Google PageSpeed, achieving an improvement in the speed of indexing and reputation of your website.

There is no equal product in the market and its implementation is totally tailored. With PHSpeed ​​get? sell more because they improve? its ratio of pages seen on your website, your customers will see more products in less time which will have repercussions. directly in the total amount of sales.

With our PHSpeed ​​system we not only improve the loading speed of your website, we also reduce the use of server resources so you can support a greater number of simultaneous visits with your same server.

PHSpeed ​​is compatible with any of our VPS or Dedicated Servers and web pages developed with Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento or Prestashop.

Puntuación superior a 88 pts google pagespeed

At a higher speed, more indexing of your website in the main search engines, if your shop or website is quick, it will be done. raise positions and increase the items sold per order.

Puntuación superior a 88 pts google pagespeed

The advantages of PHSpeed!

  • Speed. A key factor for SEO, Google penalizes websites that take more than 0.5sg to load, with phspeed solve this problem.
  • Increase your sales. If your store or website increases the views per visit, this increases the sales per order, or increases the quality of the visit to your website. < / li>
  • Performance. Decrease the use of resources by 50%, this has a direct impact on supporting more simultaneous visits without losing speed.
  • 100% made to measure. There are no two identical pages, there are no 2 PHSpeed equal, everything is made to measure to achieve the maximum performance.
  • PageSpeed Google. We passed the test with a note, with PHSpeed to get it. a score higher than 88pts in PageSpeed, with a current average between our clients between 90pts and 92pts.
first page

What is the time of First Page? It is the time it takes a visitor to download the first html code that makes up your page and where the rest of the css, javascript and images are indicated. If the loading time of the first page is high, the user experiences a slowness sensation, since the content begins to unfold after this time. PHSpeed reduces this time to less than 500ms.

analizamos su sitio

We analyze your site and your VPS in a thorough way to find the configuration that you will get. the highest speed and stability possible. From the configuration of all the web services (apache, mysql, cache systems), and optimization of the code of your website, images, css and javascript. Once the work is finished, speed tests are carried out in different tools to verify the improvement provided by PHSpeed.


Monthly period. 20 € VAT /month (Installation cost 30€ VAT)


Annual period. 220 € IVA /year (Installation Cost included)