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SSD Drives and Hardware

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Flying Prestashop !!

Do you want your prestashop to go like a missile? We are experts in giving speed to your prestashop, the speed of your store depends on several factors, the hardware, the software and the configurationof your own virtual store, from the installed modules, to the number of products. We have more than 5 years of experience in the optimization of the prestashop in all these factors, we are pioneers in giving speed to it and to help the client even when the problem is not ours and is of the same configuration. We have documentation and help to get the maximum performance to your prestashop and improve its speed, very important aspects in online sales and in the positioning web.

Of course we have memory_limit of up to 1GB, memcache, apc, mod_expire, mod_deflate, and activation of gzip, in addition to other technologies that we introduce below:

Powerful Hardware, Network and SSD Disks

An important aspect for the performance is the hardware with which we mount the servers, they are own equipment designed to measure under first brands like supermicro and hp. We use processors with high processing speed from INTEL for our virtual stores with up to 3.6Ghz per core, as well as last generation DDR4.

We use professional-grade 5 or 10 raid SSDs in professional gamma that can be up to 10-15 times faster in data transfer and writing speed, and up to 150 times faster in read / write operations. The prestashop is very demanding in reading and writing files, especially when caches are used, read thousands of files per visit and if this quick access is noticeable in the speed of the same.

ssd disks and hardware


Prestashop will launch soon the new version with compatibility of PHP 7 is 100% faster than the previous version. The response time of the server does not decrease with the increase of visits, can increase up to 600% the processing speed of the PHP code of a page. In addition to doubling the speed and memory usage is reduced by up to 40%.

HTTP / 2 Active

An important factor in virtual stores due to the large number of images served by the products is important to use this new protocol, we offer in our specialized Prestashop vps the possibility of being compatible with it and improve the load of your web and experience of the user, at no additional cost.


Cache PHSpeed

You will probably be asking yourself what is "PHSpeed", is an innovative product that achieves optimization at all levels of your website (Server and code), if you have a virtual store or portal your visitor will have an excellent browsing experience when I visited, as well as a speed optimization and strict adaptation to meet the requirements of Google PageSpeed ​​SEO, achieving an improvement in the speed of indexation and reputation of your website.

We have designed this special module especially for Prestashop, it makes the firstpage of your web page down to even 200ms, and your Prestashop flies and consumes fewer resources, in this way will support a greater number of simultaneous visits and improve without a doubt the experience of your customer with your virtual store.

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