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SSD Drives and Hardware

we have the best server hardware
and optimized software to get the best speed


Experts in Speed

Nowadays the speed of your website directly influences the positioning of the web and the correct user experience when it comes to interacting with your website or your virtual store. We take this issue very seriously and offer our clients help and documentation to improve the speed on their website. We also have the latest technology in hardware for your site to fly, as well as datacenter near you and your clients so that your web does not lose speed for any of the elements that intervene in it.

SSD and Hardware Disks

ProfesionalHosting was a pioneer in Spain in the use of this technology in physical servers, we used it practically since the first ssd discs began to be sold, at the moment all our services count on this technology, we mounted rattles of 1TB of professional gamma of high speed 5 and 10 to protect information and give them greater speed of reading and writing. This factor is very important for a web or shop to go faster because with each visit your web reads hundreds of files, and also writes in dozens of them, if the process is slow your web anger slow, with ProfessionalHosting your web will fly .
We also have state-of-the-art hardware specially designed for speed, working with Intel Xeon e5 technology and state-of-the-art ram.



Php developers have made a significant advance in the Php7 version in terms of speed and resource consumption of the native functions of the language itself, php achieves results up to twice as fast in performing the same functions as in previous versions, the Most of the scripts are already compatible with this version, ProfesionalHosting is compatible in all its services with php7.

HTTP / 2 Active

For our vps clients we also have the support of the HTTP / 2 protocol, a new protocol that modernizes its predecessor and makes the communications between server and client of your visitors more efficient, since with a single connection all the elements are moved of your web concurrently without needing new connections.


CDN Cache

All of our servers are strategically located in Madrid and Miami to be as close as possible to the client's potential customer and thus improve the loading speed of your web site, but if you have clients from all over the world and not only the country where you live, solution to improve the speed in long distances of load, for this we have the technology of CDN and we have chosen cloudflare by its power and functionalities. The CDN allows that if a visitor enters from India most of his web uploads from a replica of his web located in India, with which he would almost charge him as if he were in Spain.
We have integrated this technology into our Plesk control panels and we offer it free of charge, so that your website is the fastest regardless of the country that visits it.

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