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Technical Comparison

  • NUBE 100GB
  • NUBE 200GB
  • NUBE 200GB
  • NUBE 1TB





Main Characteristics

Cloud Space 100GB 200GB 500GB 1TB
Contacts Sync
Calendar Sync
Files Sync
SSL Do not Yes (Annual Contract / 1st Year) Yes (Annual Contract / 1st Year) Yes (Annual Contract / 1st Year)
Monthly transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Own IP
software Owncloud Owncloud Owncloud Owncloud
Control Panel

Special Features

Compatible PC
Compatible Mac
Compatible Linux
Android Compatible
Compatible Iphone
Web Management
Share data

Price list

Monthly Price €29.89 (without discount)
€45.99 (without discount)
€60.94 (without discount)
€90.84 (without discount)
Quarterly Price €85.09 (5%, before 89.34)
€129.94 (5%, before 136.44)
€172.49 (5%, before 181.11)
€259.89 (5%, before 272.88)
Semiannual Price €160.99 (10%, before 177.09)
€246.09 (10%, before 270.7)
€327.74 (10%, before 360.51)
€492.19 (10%, before 541.41)
Annual Price €287.88 (20%, before 345.46)
€443.88 (20%, before 532.66)
€587.88 (20%, before 705.46)
€875.88 (20%, before 1051.06)
Biennial Price €538.19 (25%, before 672.74)
€819.94 (25%, before 1024.93)
€1092.49 (25%, before 1365.61)
€1639.89 (25%, before 2049.86)
* The calculation of percentage discount on each of the products is approximate, based on a standard rounding rule

Advantage Your Cloud

Optimized for the most used applications.

Access to your data
Access to your Data

From anywhere access your files, photos, videos, folders, contacts and calendar, on any platform, from your home, your mobile or your neighbor's computer.

Calendar without dependencies
Calendar without Dependencies

If you do not want to use the typical free services and want to use a more independent and professional service you can use our calendar, which you can see from the web and mobile.

Share your data
Share your Data

You can share with your colleagues, friends, or clients any directory giving limited access to the folder and limiting permissions, even file downloads.

Contacts without dependencies
Contacts without Dependencies

Synchronize contacts from your computer and mobile, so you never lose a contact even if you change your mobile and do not rely on a free service for it.

User Management.
User Management.

You can create users and user groups, set permissions, and limit access to folders and zones. A very complete and customizable system for companies and professionals.

Synchronize your data.
Synchronize your Data.

You can see your files in real time, they will be synchronized, if from a device is updated a file in the rest will be updated automatically.

Tu nube

Your data anywhere

Day by day, file dependency and mobility mean that any business owner needs to take with them and access their files, contacts and agenda at any time. In many cases, they do not want to use free media and it is necessary to use a professional tool. support and help in Spanish and servers located in Spain. Due to the increasing demand for this need we have created the product "Your Cloud" based on ownCloud software. Click here to see a demo:Owncloud demo

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