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WebTV, your online TV.

We offer our clients in our video streaming WebTV service a large number of features at no additional cost, under your own domain, texts, colors, logos, in short, a total white label. Our own WebTV allows you to create your own television channel in a simple and intuitive way, all managed from the same panel. It has ajax search engine, social networks, comments, recommended videos, slider with the highlighted videos, live and deferred videos, user access control for those activities where they want to charge to see the videos, and a dozen functionalities that make it unique in the market.

If you have any questions about our WebTV or services, we encourage you to contact our team, through online chat or the free phone 91 1401900.



You can have all the playlists you want to create a channel for your visitors, fully integrable and customizable on your website in a simple and intuitive way.

It is possible to duplicate videos, for example, to advertise.


Your own advertising

You can put your own advertising in a simple way, either within the video itself as shown in the example on the left, embedding a html code in the banner or in different positions provided by the WebTV for banners

WebTV Moviles


The WebTV portal adapts to the resolution of the mobile phone automatically and not only that, it is fully compatible with the live and on-demand videos with most of the mobile phones and tablets.


Total white mark

You can use your own domain, your own logo, your own texts, legal notices and your own colors.

Our WebTv allows you to integrate your logo cleanly and easily into the player, a mark is placed on the top right of all your videos as seen in this example on the left, it would be the logo that says WebTV White Brand .

WebTV estructura

Create your structure

You define the main categories of website vouchers and sections. Later when you upload a video you select the category where you want it to appear, and in this way you can easily control the content of your site and the segmentation.

You can also customize which content you want to appear in the slider as highlights.


Access restriction

We have seen it necessary to include the possibility of restricting access to users at the client's discretion to provide the WebTv with greater functionality. Imagine that you want to take an English course at a distance and you do not want that course to be public for everyone, only for the users who have paid to see it. Well, you instruct your client to register on your WebTv, and grant access to the vouchers you have paid to see. The rest of users will not be able to access.

He realizes the possibilities that this gives him, without spending anything in the development of a website

Restricción de acceso
Código Propio

Own code

We have opted for our own solution of streaming video, with more than 1 year of development and testing, which includes in a comprehensive manner everything the client needs to perform any type of streaming and distribute any type of multimedia content on the network.

Being a self-development allows us full control over the platform and implement new functionalities, and of course a daily update of the platform and its functionalities.


From only 40 € VAT / month