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Technical Comparison

  • Python Economic
  • Python Enterprise
  • Python Professional
  • Semi-Python





Main Characteristics

Hard Disk Space 25GB NVMe 30GB NVMe 40GB NVMe 250GB NVMe
CPU 3.5Ghz 3.5Ghz 2x3.5Ghz 3x3.5Ghz
Transfer unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
IP and data center Spain Spain Spain Spain

Features Email

Optional Mail mail plans mail plans mail plans mail plans

Other services included

Cron tasks
Backup your account
Possibility of extension

Price list

Monthly price €29.89 (no discount)
€45.99 (no discount)
€90.84 (no discount)
€121.89 (no discount)
Quarterly Price €86.24 (5%, before 90.55)
€129.94 (5%, before 136.44)
€259.89 (5%, before 272.88)
€346.14 (5%, before 363.45)
Semiannual Price €163.29 (10%, before 179.62)
€244.94 (10%, before 269.43)
€491.04 (10%, before 540.14)
€655.49 (10%, before 721.04)
Annual Price €299.88 (20%, before 359.86)
€443.88 (20%, before 532.66)
€875.88 (20%, before 1051.06)
€1175.88 (20%, before 1411.06)
Biennial Price €545.09 (25%, before 681.36)
€818.79 (25%, before 1023.49)
€1637.59 (25%, before 2046.99)
€2184.98 (25%, before 2731.23)
* The calculation of percentage discount on each of the products is approximate, based on a standard rounding rule

Managed VPS

Installation of software that specifies the client

Server Security Updates

Server Formatting and Configuration

Customized configuration of the client

Adaptation of the server to the client

Management of attacks and overloads

Server Speed ​​Optimization

Security measures on the server

Plesk Panel Onyx

Simple, fast and powerful.

In all our hosting, vps and dedicated services we include the optional Plesk control panel from € 5 / month, a system that makes it easy for you to autonomously manage your domains and services. We have video manuals and online help to make it easier to manage.

User: customer Password: panel

What is Python?

Python is a platform-independent and object-oriented scripting language, ready to perform any type of program, from Windows applications to network servers or even web pages. It is an interpreted language, which means that you do not need to compile the source code to execute it, which offers advantages such as speed of development and disadvantages such as slower speed.

What is Django?

Django is an open source web development framework, written in Python, which respects the design pattern known as Model View Controller. The fundamental goal of Django is to facilitate the creation of complex websites. The fundamental goal of Django is to facilitate the creation of complex websites. Django emphasizes re-use, connectivity and component extensibility, rapid development and do not repeat yourself. Python is used in all parts of the framework, even in configurations, files, and in data models.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails, also known as RoR or Rails, is an open source web application framework written in the Ruby programming language, following the architecture paradigm Vista Model Controller.

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