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Pack 240 radios

High sound quality

High sound quality

In professionalhosting with our plans of listeners and unlimited quality you can broadcast up to 360kbps, in these plans the client chooses the quality of emission with which he wants to go out to the Internet, keep in mind that the higher quality, the greater the transfer consumption.

AutoDJ included.

AutoDJ included.

From the radio streaming project plans to unlimited listeners, we include the autodj system, with which you can program audio on your radio server to be heard when not in live, automatically, your radio will never stop, it will be 24 hours.

Mobile Compatible

Mobile Compatible

In icecast we are 100% compatible with mobiles, in any of the formats, you will play directly from your iphone, android, ipad, blackberry without having to install any extra application from the serial player of the mobile.

Price Pack 240 radios

Precio Pack 240 radios

Price Rate per period of Pack 240 radios

Monthly Quarterly Biannual Annual Biennial
659.99 1880.99
(5% discount)
(10% discount)
(20% discount)
(25% discount)
Contract Contract Contract Contract Contract
Caracteristicas Servidor
Main Characteristics
Number of radios 240 radios
Dedicated server Gamma platinum
Autodj Si 2x2TB
Simultaneous Users Unlimited
Emission quality Up to 360Kbps
Connectivity 200Mbps
Monthly transfer Unlimited
Control Panel Centova and whmsonic
Technology Shoutcast / Icecast
Codecs mp3, acc +, ogg
Player Unlimited
Compatible Pc, Mac, Mobile
Radar time 24 hours


List of available extensions

plesk panel

Plesk Panel Onyx

Simple, fast and powerful.

In all our hosting, vps and dedicated services we include the optional Plesk control panel from € 5 / month, a system that makes it easy for you to autonomously manage your domains and services. We have video manuals and online help to make it easier to manage.

User: customer Password: panel

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