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Advantage VPS Magento

Optimized for the most used applications.

Free Domain
Free Domain

All our plans include registering one or several .es or .com domain names free of charge depending on the contracted plan and in annual period during the first year. This coupon is automatically applied when the order is placed.

Free migration
Free Migration

We make it easy, we help you in the process of migration, our technical specialists are responsible for the complete transfer of your content and completely free of charge (up to 10 domains), without cuts during migration and with exact copy of your current website.

Try it for 15 days
Try it for 15 days

We are so sure of what we sell, that if we do not fulfill what we promise we will refund the full amount paid for the service. We want to be your hosting forever, try us you will not regret it.

Security Magento

Security Magento

We follow Magento and its most known plugins in case there is any vulnerability to apply anti-hack rules at the server level.

Magento Support

Magento Support

Support 100% specialized in Magento, all our technicians are specialists in Magento that will help you to solve any doubt about the use of Magento through our forum 24 × 7

Magento Speed

Magento Speed

Your Magento always at the highest speed thanks to our hardware, ssd disks, software with special configuration for Magento and help to debug your Magento.

Magento Support

We if we help you * with the use of Magento !! from our exclusive forum for clients from our hosting for Magento you will have the best help * of your Magento for all kinds of queries with tips and steps to solve your question with the help of one of our specialists.

Use Magento

We help you in the use of Magento and all the configurations that can become hateful, you just have to ask us and we will guide you in the process.


Doubts and problems with Magento modules, we advise and help solve it.


Modifications, doubts and errors regarding the Magento templates, this is the section indicated for our team to solve it.

Problems and Errors

All other problems that may arise in your Magento we help you from this forum.

* The help on Magento is included from the Presta Project package without limitation of consultation, as long as we do not have to enter ourselves to solve the problem.

Managed VPS

Installation of software that specifies the client

Server Security Updates

Server Formatting and Configuration

Customized configuration of the client

Adaptation of the server to the client

Management of attacks and overloads

Server Speed ​​Optimization

Security measures on the server


To add any of these extensions to your service, please contact support

External Backup
External Backup from: 9.99/month
SSL certificate
SSL certificate from: €53.99/year
cPanel / WHM
cPanel / WHM Per: €14.99/month
Additional CPU
Additional CPU per vCPU €16.98/month
HDD For 10 GB €8.99/month
Antispam filter input
Antispam filter input from: 2.99/year
Ip Own
Ip Own from: 2.99/month
RAM per GB €16.98/month
24x7 monitor
24x7 monitor By: €14.99/month
Plesk Billing
Plesk Billing For: 8.99/month
Plesk Power Pack
Plesk Power Pack For: 6.99/month
Relay sending massive
Relay sending massive from: 4.99/month
Plesk Onyx domains(Web Admin Edition)
Plesk Onyx domains(Web Admin Edition) For: 6.99/month
Plesk Onyx Pro Edition(Web Pro Edition)
Plesk Onyx Pro Edition(Web Pro Edition) For: 8.99/month
Plesk Onyx Pro Edition(Web Host Edition)
Plesk Onyx Pro Edition(Web Host Edition) per: 13.99/month
Magic spam
Magic spam By: €14.99/month
Plesk additional language
Plesk additional language By: €5.99/month

Plesk Panel Obsidian

Simple, fast and powerful.

In all our hosting, vps and dedicated services we include the optional Plesk control panel from € 5 / month, a system that makes it easy for you to autonomously manage your domains and services. We have video manuals and online help to make it easier to manage.

User: customer Password: panel

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