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VPS Semidedicado WordPress

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

Automatic Updates WordPress, themes and plugins. We follow WordPress and its most popular plugins in case there is any vulnerability to be able to apply anti-hack rules at server level.

WordPress Speed

WordPress Speed

Your WordPress always at the highest speed thanks to our hardware, ssd disks, software with special configuration for WordPress, phspeed cache plugin and help to debug your WordPress.

WordPress Support

WordPress Support

Support 100% specialized in WordPress, all our technicians are specialists in WordPress that will help you to solve any doubt about the use of WordPress through our forum 24 × 7

Price VPS Semidedicado WordPress

Precio VPS Semidedicado WordPress

Price Rate per period of VPS Semidedicado WordPress

Monthly Quarterly Biannual Annual Biennial
95.99 272.99
(5% discount)
(10% discount)
(20% discount)
(25% discount)
Contract Contract Contract Contract Contract
Caracteristicas Servidor
Main Characteristics
Managed VPS Yes
CPU 5x3.5Ghz
Bandwidth 100Mbps
Monthly transfer Unlimited
Datacenter Spain
Plesk control panel 10 domains
Git support yes
Help WordPress yes
WordPress Autoinstaller Yes
WordPress Toolkit Yes
Advanced Security yes
Daily Backup 6 - 8 backups
Let's Encrypt Yes

Otros Servicios We include free


List of available extensions

plesk panel

Plesk Panel Onyx

Simple, fast and powerful.

In all our hosting, vps and dedicated services we include the optional Plesk control panel from € 5 / month, a system that makes it easy for you to autonomously manage your domains and services. We have video manuals and online help to make it easier to manage.

User: customer Password: panel

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